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FishCare™ was established in 2020 aiming to provide tailored services and products for the Greek and Mediterranean aquaculture. The Company consists of people with experience, knowledge and love for what they do.


Years of service in the field


Effectiveness in our services


High quality services

Our specialized and experienced staff provides high quality services throughout the wide range of aquaculture. Contact us for more information.

What we can provide you

Our Services

Supporting departments of all specialties

Support all aquaculture sectors in agreement with stakeholders

On Shore support centers

Integrated Management of Support Centers - Targeted interventions to improve productivity - Partnerships

Packaging Stations

Integrated Packaging Management - Installation of Quality Systems - Recording systems - Targeted interventions to improve performance - Investments in.

On Growing Units

Taking over fish population management -Targeted investments in equipment - Total Management of On Growing Units - Controlling productions -Technical.


Specific provision for management services - Investing in equipment - Participation in projects
Fish Care

About our Company

The company consists of people with experience, knowledge and love for what they do. Our target is to:

To ensure a long-term relationship with the customer providing always reliable services

To design services and products specially tailored for each producer

To provide experienced, trained, and qualified personnel

To offer new and innovative solutions.

Fish Care

Who we are

Meet our people

An experienced and trained staff that can undertake a wide range of projects in the aquaculture field.

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